The ECC FACILITY IS NOW OPEN! It will be open to residents Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. Closed Christmas, New Year’s Eve and major holidays. Residents do not need to schedule an appointment for drop off and the service is free! To learn more about what is accepted, check out our Drop Off tab.

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Unincorporated Fresno County does not mandate that residents and businesses subscribe to solid waste, recycling, and organic collection services provided under the Exclusive Service Area Provider (ESAP) Program. Residents and businesses may elect to haul their own solid waste, recycling and organics to a permitted facility that accepts those materials.


Under Senate Bill 1383 (SB 1383) regulations, residents and businesses that self-haul their own materials must comply with specific requirements. Self-haulers must do the following:

  • Must separate out solid waste, recyclables, and organics on-site.

  • Haul the separated materials to a permitted solid waste facility operation.

  • Businesses that self-haul must keep a record of delivery to the facility or facilities where the materials were taken.


Self-haulers must keep a record of the amount of solid waste, recyclables, and organic waste delivered to each solid waste facility. Self-haulers are subject to inspection by the County of Fresno and/or the State of California. Records that may be requested as part of an inspection include:

  • Delivery receipts and weight tickets from the facility accepting the waste.

  • The amount of material in cubic yards or tons delivered to each permitted facility.