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SCHEDULE OF MAXIMUM BIN RATES1 ($ Per Month, Per Customer)

New Rates Effective September 1, 2023
Adjusted for CPI and American Avenue Tip Fee Increase July 1, 2023
Supplemental Inflation Mitigation Surcharge (SIMS) Effective October 1, 2023
SER Rates Effective February 28, 2018


ZONEBIN SIZENumber of Pickups Per WeekNew Rate 9/1/2023SB 13833 (1, 2A, 3A) or AB18264 (2B, 3B) Organics Rate 9/1/2023SIMS Overlay 10/1/20236 Maximum 15% (1, 2A, 2B) Maximum 20% (3A, 3B)SER Overlay7 2/28/2018
ZONE 160 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$19.67 N/AN/A
ZONE 160 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$38.37 N/AN/A
ZONE 160 GAL3 pickups/wkN/A$57.15 N/AN/A
ZONE 160 GAL4 pickups/wkN/A$128.92 N/AN/A
ZONE 160 GAL5 pickups/wkN/A$160.90 N/AN/A
ZONE 160 GAL6 pickups/wkN/A$192.89 N/AN/A
ZONE 190 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$21.74 N/AN/A
ZONE 190 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$42.51 N/AN/A
ZONE 190 GAL3 pickups/wkN/A$67.56 N/AN/A
ZONE 190 GAL4 pickups/wkN/A$164.18 N/AN/A
ZONE 190 GAL5 pickups/wkN/A$204.99 N/AN/A
ZONE 190 GAL6 pickups/wkN/A$245.79 N/AN/A
ZONE 11 cu yd1 pickup/wk$79.48 $95.73 $11.92 $1.14
ZONE 11 cu yd2 pickups/wk$147.27 $184.67 $22.09 $2.28
ZONE 11 cu yd3 pickups/wk$214.98 $295.91 $32.25 $3.41
ZONE 11 cu yd4 pickups/wk$282.72 $391.55 $42.41 $4.55
ZONE 11 cu yd5 pickups/wk$350.50 $487.22 $52.58 $5.69
ZONE 11 cu yd6 pickups/wk$418.23 $582.85 $62.73 $6.83
ZONE 11.5 cu yd81 pickup/wk$92.84 $128.31 $13.92 $1.71
ZONE 11.5 cu yd2 pickups/wk$172.19 $248.82 $25.83 $3.41
ZONE 11.5 cu yd3 pickups/wk$251.58 $389.73 $37.74 $5.12
ZONE 11.5 cu yd4 pickups/wk$330.89 $516.17 $49.63 $6.83
ZONE 11.5 cu yd5 pickups/wk$410.22 $642.61 $61.53 $8.53
ZONE 11.5 cu yd6 pickups/wk$489.57 $769.08 $73.44 $10.24
ZONE 12 cu yd1 pickup/wk$105.31 $160.39 $15.80 $2.28
ZONE 12 cu yd2 pickups/wk$196.69 $312.70 $29.50 $4.55
ZONE 12 cu yd3 pickups/wk$288.10 $483.15 $43.22 $6.83
ZONE 12 cu yd4 pickups/wk$379.52 $641.12 $56.93 $9.10
ZONE 12 cu yd5 pickups/wk$470.93 $798.76 $70.64 $11.38
ZONE 12 cu yd6 pickups/wk$562.30 $956.37 $84.35 $13.65
ZONE 13 cu yd1 pickup/wk$129.12 N/A$19.37 $3.41
ZONE 13 cu yd2 pickups/wk$243.48 N/A$36.52 $6.83
ZONE 13 cu yd3 pickups/wk$357.82 N/A$53.67 $10.24
ZONE 13 cu yd4 pickups/wk$472.18 N/A$70.83 $13.65
ZONE 13 cu yd5 pickups/wk$586.55 N/A$87.99 $17.06
ZONE 13 cu yd6 pickups/wk$700.87 N/A$105.13 $20.48
ZONE 14 cu yd1 pickup/wk$142.79 N/A$21.42 $4.55
ZONE 14 cu yd2 pickups/wk$270.54 N/A$40.58 $9.10
ZONE 14 cu yd3 pickups/wk$398.23 N/A$59.73 $13.65
ZONE 14 cu yd4 pickups/wk$525.98 N/A$78.90 $18.20
ZONE 14 cu yd5 pickups/wk$653.71 N/A$98.06 $22.75
ZONE 14 cu yd6 pickups/wk$781.47 N/A$117.22 $27.30
ZONE 15 cu yd81 pickup/wk$164.73 N/A$24.71 $5.69
ZONE 15 cu yd2 pickups/wk$313.34 N/A$47.00 $11.38
ZONE 15 cu yd3 pickups/wk$461.90 N/A$69.29 $17.06
ZONE 15 cu yd4 pickups/wk$610.44 N/A$91.56 $22.75
ZONE 15 cu yd5 pickups/wk$759.05 N/A$113.86 $28.44
ZONE 15 cu yd6 pickups/wk$907.65 N/A$136.15 $34.13
ZONE 16 cu yd1 pickup/wk$204.93 N/A$30.74 $6.83
ZONE 16 cu yd2 pickups/wk$389.13 N/A$58.37 $13.65
ZONE 16 cu yd3 pickups/wk$573.33 N/A$86.00 $20.48
ZONE 16 cu yd4 pickups/wk$757.52 N/A$113.63 $27.30
ZONE 16 cu yd5 pickups/wk$941.70 N/A$141.26 $34.13
ZONE 16 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,125.98 N/A$168.90 $40.95
ZONE 2A60 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$28.85 N/AN/A
ZONE 2A60 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$51.70 N/AN/A
ZONE 2A60 GAL3 pickups/wkN/A$80.06 N/AN/A
ZONE 2A60 GAL4 pickups/wkN/A$126.31 N/AN/A
ZONE 2A60 GAL5 pickups/wkN/A$160.41 N/AN/A
ZONE 2A60 GAL6 pickups/wkN/A$197.30 N/AN/A
ZONE 2A90 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$33.26 N/AN/A
ZONE 2A90 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$51.70 N/AN/A
ZONE 2A90 GAL3 pickups/wkN/A$89.71 N/AN/A
ZONE 2A90 GAL4 pickups/wkN/A$141.07 N/AN/A
ZONE 2A90 GAL5 pickups/wkN/A$179.15 N/AN/A
ZONE 2A90 GAL6 pickups/wkN/A$220.35 N/AN/A
ZONE 2A1 cu yd1 pickup/wk$90.71 $111.55 $13.61 $1.14
ZONE 2A1 cu yd2 pickups/wk$158.44 $207.75 $23.76 $2.28
ZONE 2A1 cu yd3 pickups/wk$231.03 $285.09 $34.65 $3.41
ZONE 2A1 cu yd4 pickups/wk$309.56 $383.36 $46.44 $4.55
ZONE 2A1 cu yd5 pickups/wk$391.94 $486.27 $58.79 $5.69
ZONE 2A1 cu yd6 pickups/wk$477.94 $595.03 $71.69 $6.83
ZONE 2A1.5 cu yd81 pickup/wk$105.92 $135.44 $15.89 $1.71
ZONE 2A1.5 cu yd2 pickups/wk$188.14 $264.03 $28.22 $3.41
ZONE 2A1.5 cu yd3 pickups/wk$275.71 $383.30 $41.36 $5.12
ZONE 2A1.5 cu yd4 pickups/wk$369.79 $512.34 $55.47 $6.83
ZONE 2A1.5 cu yd5 pickups/wk$467.54 $643.54 $70.13 $8.53
ZONE 2A1.5 cu yd6 pickups/wk$568.91 $783.21 $85.34 $10.24
ZONE 2A2 cu yd1 pickup/wk$121.45 $167.60 $18.22 $2.28
ZONE 2A2 cu yd2 pickups/wk$217.86 $319.15 $32.68 $4.55
ZONE 2A2 cu yd3 pickups/wk$320.34 $483.71 $48.05 $6.83
ZONE 2A2 cu yd4 pickups/wk$430.03 $646.63 $64.50 $9.10
ZONE 2A2 cu yd5 pickups/wk$543.30 $811.62 $81.50 $11.38
ZONE 2A2 cu yd6 pickups/wk$659.82 $978.50 $98.97 $13.65
ZONE 2A3 cu yd1 pickup/wk$154.61 N/A$23.19 $3.41
ZONE 2A3 cu yd2 pickups/wk$281.53 N/A$42.23 $6.83
ZONE 2A3 cu yd3 pickups/wk$415.79 N/A$62.37 $0.00
ZONE 2A3 cu yd4 pickups/wk$558.85 N/A$83.83 $13.65
ZONE 2A3 cu yd5 pickups/wk$705.98 N/A$105.90 $17.06
ZONE 2A3 cu yd6 pickups/wk$856.81 N/A$128.52 $20.48
ZONE 2A4 cu yd1 pickup/wk$189.86 N/A$28.48 $4.55
ZONE 2A4 cu yd2 pickups/wk$338.31 N/A$50.75 $9.10
ZONE 2A4 cu yd3 pickups/wk$517.32 N/A$77.60 $13.65
ZONE 2A4 cu yd4 pickups/wk$696.24 N/A$104.43 $18.20
ZONE 2A4 cu yd5 pickups/wk$879.60 N/A$131.94 $22.75
ZONE 2A4 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,067.13 N/A$160.07 $27.30
ZONE 2A5 cu yd81 pickup/wk$232.33 N/A$34.85 $5.69
ZONE 2A5 cu yd2 pickups/wk$424.58 N/A$63.69 $11.38
ZONE 2A5 cu yd3 pickups/wk$638.46 N/A$95.77 $17.06
ZONE 2A5 cu yd4 pickups/wk$859.86 N/A$128.98 $22.75
ZONE 2A5 cu yd5 pickups/wk$1,086.56 N/A$162.99 $28.44
ZONE 2A5 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,318.29 N/A$197.74 $34.13
ZONE 2A6 cu yd1 pickup/wk$274.74 N/A$41.21 $6.83
ZONE 2A6 cu yd2 pickups/wk$510.75 N/A$76.62 $13.65
ZONE 2A6 cu yd3 pickups/wk$759.54 N/A$113.93 $20.48
ZONE 2A6 cu yd4 pickups/wk$1,023.42 N/A$153.51 $27.30
ZONE 2A6 cu yd5 pickups/wk$1,293.57 N/A$194.04 $34.13
ZONE 2A6 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,569.57 N/A$235.44 $40.95
ZONE 2B60 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$29.00 N/AN/A
ZONE 2B60 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$58.00 N/AN/A
ZONE 2B90 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$43.15 N/AN/A
ZONE 2B90 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$58.00 N/AN/A
ZONE 2B1 cu yd1 pickup/wk$92.20 $135.00 $13.83 $1.14
ZONE 2B1 cu yd2 pickups/wk$157.29 $270.00 $23.59 $2.28
ZONE 2B1 cu yd3 pickups/wk$234.84 N/A$35.22 $3.41
ZONE 2B1 cu yd4 pickups/wk$318.72 N/A$47.81 $4.55
ZONE 2B1 cu yd5 pickups/wk$410.64 N/A$61.59 $5.69
ZONE 2B1 cu yd6 pickups/wk$512.62 N/A$76.89 $6.83
ZONE 2B1.5 cu yd81 pickup/wk$103.05 $170.00 $15.46 $1.71
ZONE 2B1.5 cu yd2 pickups/wk$177.52 $340.00 $26.63 $3.41
ZONE 2B1.5 cu yd3 pickups/wk$263.88 N/A$39.58 $5.12
ZONE 2B1.5 cu yd4 pickups/wk$361.02 N/A$54.15 $6.83
ZONE 2B1.5 cu yd5 pickups/wk$467.62 N/A$70.14 $8.53
ZONE 2B1.5 cu yd6 pickups/wk$580.08 N/A$87.01 $10.24
ZONE 2B2 cu yd1 pickup/wk$114.09 $190.00 $17.11 $2.28
ZONE 2B2 cu yd2 pickups/wk$197.76 $380.00 $29.67 $4.55
ZONE 2B2 cu yd3 pickups/wk$292.83 N/A$43.92 $6.83
ZONE 2B2 cu yd4 pickups/wk$403.36 N/A$60.51 $9.10
ZONE 2B2 cu yd5 pickups/wk$524.68 N/A$78.70 $11.38
ZONE 2B2 cu yd6 pickups/wk$647.53 N/A$97.13 $13.65
ZONE 2B3 cu yd1 pickup/wk$141.22 N/A$21.18 $3.41
ZONE 2B3 cu yd2 pickups/wk$246.91 N/A$37.04 $6.83
ZONE 2B3 cu yd3 pickups/wk$368.31 N/A$55.25 $0.00
ZONE 2B3 cu yd4 pickups/wk$503.07 N/A$75.46 $13.65
ZONE 2B3 cu yd5 pickups/wk$640.20 N/A$96.03 $17.06
ZONE 2B3 cu yd6 pickups/wk$788.05 N/A$118.21 $20.48
ZONE 2B4 cu yd1 pickup/wk$170.38 N/A$25.56 $4.55
ZONE 2B4 cu yd2 pickups/wk$300.53 N/A$45.08 $9.10
ZONE 2B4 cu yd3 pickups/wk$448.95 N/A$67.35 $13.65
ZONE 2B4 cu yd4 pickups/wk$616.27 N/A$92.44 $18.20
ZONE 2B4 cu yd5 pickups/wk$786.81 N/A$118.02 $22.75
ZONE 2B4 cu yd6 pickups/wk$968.98 N/A$145.35 $27.30
ZONE 2B5 cu yd81 pickup/wk$199.61 N/A$29.94 $5.69
ZONE 2B5 cu yd2 pickups/wk$354.35 N/A$53.16 $11.38
ZONE 2B5 cu yd3 pickups/wk$534.81 N/A$80.22 $17.06
ZONE 2B5 cu yd4 pickups/wk$729.83 N/A$109.47 $22.75
ZONE 2B5 cu yd5 pickups/wk$936.04 N/A$140.40 $28.44
ZONE 2B5 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,156.15 N/A$173.43 $34.13
ZONE 2B6 cu yd1 pickup/wk$228.83 N/A$34.32 $6.83
ZONE 2B6 cu yd2 pickups/wk$408.03 N/A$61.20 $13.65
ZONE 2B6 cu yd3 pickups/wk$620.58 N/A$93.09 $20.48
ZONE 2B6 cu yd4 pickups/wk$843.38 N/A$126.51 $27.30
ZONE 2B6 cu yd5 pickups/wk$1,085.29 N/A$162.79 $34.13
ZONE 2B6 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,343.41 N/A$201.51 $40.95
ZONE 3A60 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$36.41N/AN/A
ZONE 3A60 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$67.92N/AN/A
ZONE 3A60 GAL3 pickups/wkN/A$106.32N/AN/A
ZONE 3A60 GAL4 pickups/wkN/A$143.53N/AN/A
ZONE 3A90 GAL3 pickups/wkN/A$81.79N/AN/A
ZONE 3A90 GAL4 pickups/wkN/A$110.65N/AN/A
ZONE 3A90 GAL5 pickups/wkN/A$140.37N/AN/A
ZONE 3A90 GAL6 pickups/wkN/A$242.03N/AN/A
ZONE 3A60 GAL5 pickups/wkN/A$180.84N/AN/A
ZONE 3A60 GAL6 pickups/wk N/A$220.62N/AN/A
ZONE 3A90 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$38.39N/AN/A
ZONE 3A90 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$64.00 N/AN/A
ZONE 3A1 cu yd1 pickup/wk$91.55 $128.32$18.31 $1.14
ZONE 3A1 cu yd2 pickups/wk$161.03 $250.24$32.20 $2.28
ZONE 3A1 cu yd3 pickups/wk$238.11 $283.73$47.63 $3.41
ZONE 3A1 cu yd4 pickups/wk$320.98 $380.34$64.20 $4.55
ZONE 3A1 cu yd5 pickups/wk$405.13 $477.66$81.03 $5.69
ZONE 3A1 cu yd6 pickups/wk$492.81 $577.06$98.56 $6.83
ZONE 3A2 cu yd1 pickup/wk$129.38 $172.14$25.88 $2.28
ZONE 3A2 cu yd2 pickups/wk$237.30 $331.89$47.47 $4.55
ZONE 3A2 cu yd3 pickups/wk$326.18 $331.59$65.24 $6.83
ZONE 3A2 cu yd4 pickups/wk$447.50 $448.19$89.51 $9.10
ZONE 3A2 cu yd5 pickups/wk$566.40 $567.25$113.28 $11.38
ZONE 3A2 cu yd6 pickups/wk$690.30 $983.15$138.07 $13.65
ZONE 3A3 cu yd1 pickup/wk$169.29 N/A$33.85 $3.41
ZONE 3A3 cu yd2 pickups/wk$315.54 N/A$63.11 $6.83
ZONE 3A3 cu yd3 pickups/wk$424.63 N/A$84.92 $0.00
ZONE 3A3 cu yd4 pickups/wk$580.96 N/A$116.19 $13.65
ZONE 3A3 cu yd5 pickups/wk$738.65 N/A$147.73 $17.06
ZONE 3A3 cu yd6 pickups/wk$898.20 N/A$179.64 $20.48
ZONE 3A4 cu yd1 pickup/wk$217.94 N/A$43.59 $4.55
ZONE 3A4 cu yd2 pickups/wk$408.18 N/A$81.64 $9.10
ZONE 3A4 cu yd3 pickups/wk$550.63 N/A$110.12 $13.65
ZONE 3A4 cu yd4 pickups/wk$748.53 N/A$149.71 $18.20
ZONE 3A4 cu yd5 pickups/wk$947.40 N/A$189.48 $22.75
ZONE 3A4 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,151.27 N/A$230.25 $27.30
ZONE 3A6 cu yd1 pickup/wk$302.65 N/A$60.53 $6.83
ZONE 3A6 cu yd2 pickups/wk$569.41 N/A$113.88 $13.65
ZONE 3A6 cu yd3 pickups/wk$765.89 N/A$153.17 $20.48
ZONE 3A6 cu yd4 pickups/wk$1,033.05 N/A$206.61 $27.30
ZONE 3A6 cu yd5 pickups/wk$1,306.78 N/A$261.36 $34.13
ZONE 3A6 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,587.10 N/A$317.43 $40.95
ZONE 3B60 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$40.49N/AN/A
ZONE 3B60 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$64.00N/AN/A
ZONE 3B90 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$53.73N/AN/A
ZONE 3B90 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$64.00N/AN/A
ZONE 3B1 cu yd1 pickup/wk$91.55$155.00$18.31$1.14
ZONE 3B1 cu yd2 pickups/wk$161.03$310.00$32.20$2.28
ZONE 3B1 cu yd3 pickups/wk$238.11N/A$47.63$3.41
ZONE 3B1 cu yd4 pickups/wk$320.98N/A$64.20$4.55
ZONE 3B1 cu yd5 pickups/wk$405.13N/A$81.03$5.69
ZONE 3B1 cu yd6 pickups/wk$492.81N/A$98.56$6.83
ZONE 3B2 cu yd1 pickup/wk$129.38$220.00$25.88$2.28
ZONE 3B2 cu yd2 pickups/wk$237.30$440.00$47.47$4.55
ZONE 3B2 cu yd3 pickups/wk$326.18N/A$65.24$6.83
ZONE 3B2 cu yd4 pickups/wk$447.50N/A$89.51$9.10
ZONE 3B2 cu yd5 pickups/wk$566.40N/A$113.28$11.38
ZONE 3B2 cu yd6 pickups/wk$690.30N/A$138.07$13.65
ZONE 3B3 cu yd1 pickup/wk$169.29N/A$33.85$3.41
ZONE 3B3 cu yd2 pickups/wk$315.54N/A$63.11$6.83
ZONE 3B3 cu yd3 pickups/wk$424.63N/A$84.92$0.00
ZONE 3B3 cu yd4 pickups/wk$580.96N/A$116.19$13.65
ZONE 3B3 cu yd5 pickups/wk$738.65N/A$147.73$17.06
ZONE 3B3 cu yd6 pickups/wk$898.20N/A$179.64$20.48
ZONE 3B4 cu yd1 pickup/wk$217.94N/A$43.59$4.55
ZONE 3B4 cu yd2 pickups/wk$408.18N/A$81.64$9.10
ZONE 3B4 cu yd3 pickups/wk$550.63N/A$110.12$13.65
ZONE 3B4 cu yd4 pickups/wk$748.53N/A$149.71$18.20
ZONE 3B4 cu yd5 pickups/wk$947.40N/A$189.48$22.75
ZONE 3B4 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,151.27N/A$230.25$27.30
ZONE 3B6 cu yd1 pickup/wk$302.65N/A$60.53$6.83
ZONE 3B6 cu yd2 pickups/wk$569.41N/A$113.88$13.65
ZONE 3B6 cu yd3 pickups/wk$765.89N/A$153.17$20.48
ZONE 3B6 cu yd4 pickups/wk$1,033.05N/A$206.61$27.30
ZONE 3B6 cu yd5 pickups/wk$1,306.78N/A$261.36$34.13
ZONE 3B6 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,587.10N/A$317.43$40.95

EXHIBIT D-1-2024
SCHEDULE OF MAXIMUM BIN RATES1 ($ Per Month, Per Customer)

New Rates Effective July 1, 2024
Adjusted for CPI and American Avenue Tip Fee Increase July 1, 2024
Supplemental Inflation Mitigation Surcharge (SIMS) Effective October 1, 2023
SER Rates Effective February 28, 2018


ZONEBIN SIZENumber of Pickups Per WeekNew Rate 7/1/2024SB 13833 (1, 2A, 3A) or AB18264 (2B, 3B) Organics Rate 7/1/2024SIMS Overlay 10/1/20236 Maximum 15% (1, 2A, 2B) Maximum 20% (3A, 3B)SER Overlay7 2/28/2018
ZONE 160 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$20.14N/AN/A
ZONE 160 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$39.28N/AN/A
ZONE 160 GAL3 pickups/wkN/A$58.51N/AN/A
ZONE 160 GAL4 pickups/wkN/A$131.99N/AN/A
ZONE 160 GAL5 pickups/wkN/A$164.73N/AN/A
ZONE 160 GAL6 pickups/wkN/A$197.49N/AN/A
ZONE 190 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$22.26N/AN/A
ZONE 190 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$43.52N/AN/A
ZONE 190 GAL3 pickups/wkN/A$69.17N/AN/A
ZONE 190 GAL4 pickups/wkN/A$168.09N/AN/A
ZONE 190 GAL5 pickups/wkN/A$209.87N/AN/A
ZONE 190 GAL6 pickups/wkN/A$251.65N/AN/A
ZONE 11 cu yd1 pickup/wk$81.60$98.01$12.24$1.14
ZONE 11 cu yd2 pickups/wk$151.24$189.07$22.68$2.28
ZONE 11 cu yd3 pickups/wk$220.78$302.96$33.12$3.41
ZONE 11 cu yd4 pickups/wk$290.37$400.88$43.56$4.55
ZONE 11 cu yd5 pickups/wk$359.99$498.83$54.00$5.69
ZONE 11 cu yd6 pickups/wk$429.57$596.74$64.44$6.83
ZONE 11.5 cu yd81 pickup/wk$95.39$131.37$14.31$1.71
ZONE 11.5 cu yd2 pickups/wk$176.97$254.75$26.55$3.41
ZONE 11.5 cu yd3 pickups/wk$258.60$399.02$38.79$5.12
ZONE 11.5 cu yd4 pickups/wk$340.15$528.47$51.03$6.83
ZONE 11.5 cu yd5 pickups/wk$421.71$657.92$63.26$8.53
ZONE 11.5 cu yd6 pickups/wk$503.29$787.41$75.49$10.24
ZONE 12 cu yd1 pickup/wk$108.28$164.21$16.24$2.28
ZONE 12 cu yd2 pickups/wk$202.29$320.15$30.34$4.55
ZONE 12 cu yd3 pickups/wk$296.34$494.66$44.45$6.83
ZONE 12 cu yd4 pickups/wk$390.38$656.40$58.56$9.10
ZONE 12 cu yd5 pickups/wk$484.43$817.79$72.66$11.38
ZONE 12 cu yd6 pickups/wk$578.43$979.16$86.76$13.65
ZONE 13 cu yd1 pickup/wk$132.88N/A$19.93$3.41
ZONE 13 cu yd2 pickups/wk$250.65N/A$37.60$6.83
ZONE 13 cu yd3 pickups/wk$368.40N/A$55.26$10.24
ZONE 13 cu yd4 pickups/wk$486.16N/A$72.93$13.65
ZONE 13 cu yd5 pickups/wk$603.94N/A$90.59$17.06
ZONE 13 cu yd6 pickups/wk$721.67N/A$108.25$20.48
ZONE 14 cu yd1 pickup/wk$147.10N/A$22.07$4.55
ZONE 14 cu yd2 pickups/wk$278.81N/A$41.82$9.10
ZONE 14 cu yd3 pickups/wk$410.45N/A$61.57$13.65
ZONE 14 cu yd4 pickups/wk$542.15N/A$81.33$18.20
ZONE 14 cu yd5 pickups/wk$673.84N/A$101.07$22.75
ZONE 14 cu yd6 pickups/wk$805.55N/A$120.84$27.30
ZONE 15 cu yd81 pickup/wk$169.80N/A$25.47$5.69
ZONE 15 cu yd2 pickups/wk$323.09N/A$48.46$11.38
ZONE 15 cu yd3 pickups/wk$476.32N/A$71.45$17.06
ZONE 15 cu yd4 pickups/wk$629.54N/A$94.43$22.75
ZONE 15 cu yd5 pickups/wk$782.83N/A$117.42$28.44
ZONE 15 cu yd6 pickups/wk$936.11N/A$140.42$34.13
ZONE 16 cu yd1 pickup/wk$211.18N/A$31.68$6.83
ZONE 16 cu yd2 pickups/wk$401.13N/A$60.17$13.65
ZONE 16 cu yd3 pickups/wk$591.09N/A$88.66$20.48
ZONE 16 cu yd4 pickups/wk$781.03N/A$117.15$27.30
ZONE 16 cu yd5 pickups/wk$970.97N/A$145.65$34.13
ZONE 16 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,161.00N/A$174.15$40.95
ZONE 2A60 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$29.54N/AN/A
ZONE 2A60 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$52.93N/AN/A
ZONE 2A60 GAL3 pickups/wkN/A$81.97N/AN/A
ZONE 2A60 GAL4 pickups/wkN/A$129.32N/AN/A
ZONE 2A60 GAL5 pickups/wkN/A$164.23N/AN/A
ZONE 2A60 GAL6 pickups/wkN/A$202.00N/AN/A
ZONE 2A90 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$34.05N/AN/A
ZONE 2A90 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$52.93N/AN/A
ZONE 2A90 GAL3 pickups/wkN/A$91.85N/AN/A
ZONE 2A90 GAL4 pickups/wkN/A$144.43N/AN/A
ZONE 2A90 GAL5 pickups/wkN/A$183.42N/AN/A
ZONE 2A90 GAL6 pickups/wkN/A$225.60N/AN/A
ZONE 2A1 cu yd1 pickup/wk$93.10$114.21$13.97$1.14
ZONE 2A1 cu yd2 pickups/wk$162.68$212.70$24.40$2.28
ZONE 2A1 cu yd3 pickups/wk$237.22$291.88$35.58$3.41
ZONE 2A1 cu yd4 pickups/wk$317.85$392.50$47.68$4.55
ZONE 2A1 cu yd5 pickups/wk$402.42$497.86$60.36$5.69
ZONE 2A1 cu yd6 pickups/wk$490.70$609.21$73.61$6.83
ZONE 2A1.5 cu yd81 pickup/wk$108.78$138.67$16.32$1.71
ZONE 2A1.5 cu yd2 pickups/wk$193.30$270.32$29.00$3.41
ZONE 2A1.5 cu yd3 pickups/wk$283.30$392.43$42.50$5.12
ZONE 2A1.5 cu yd4 pickups/wk$379.97$524.55$57.00$6.83
ZONE 2A1.5 cu yd5 pickups/wk$480.39$658.88$72.06$8.53
ZONE 2A1.5 cu yd6 pickups/wk$584.52$801.87$87.68$10.24
ZONE 2A2 cu yd1 pickup/wk$124.80$171.59$18.72$2.28
ZONE 2A2 cu yd2 pickups/wk$223.96$326.76$33.60$4.55
ZONE 2A2 cu yd3 pickups/wk$329.34$495.24$49.40$6.83
ZONE 2A2 cu yd4 pickups/wk$442.10$662.04$66.32$9.10
ZONE 2A2 cu yd5 pickups/wk$558.53$830.96$83.78$11.38
ZONE 2A2 cu yd6 pickups/wk$678.27$1,001.82$101.74$13.65
ZONE 2A3 cu yd1 pickup/wk$158.97N/A$23.85$3.41
ZONE 2A3 cu yd2 pickups/wk$289.61N/A$43.44$6.83
ZONE 2A3 cu yd3 pickups/wk$427.75N/A$64.17$10.24
ZONE 2A3 cu yd4 pickups/wk$574.90N/A$86.24$13.65
ZONE 2A3 cu yd5 pickups/wk$726.21N/A$108.93$17.06
ZONE 2A3 cu yd6 pickups/wk$881.33N/A$132.20$20.48
ZONE 2A4 cu yd1 pickup/wk$195.29N/A$29.29$4.55
ZONE 2A4 cu yd2 pickups/wk$348.19N/A$52.23$9.10
ZONE 2A4 cu yd3 pickups/wk$532.38N/A$79.86$13.65
ZONE 2A4 cu yd4 pickups/wk$716.47N/A$107.47$18.20
ZONE 2A4 cu yd5 pickups/wk$905.11N/A$135.77$22.75
ZONE 2A4 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,098.02N/A$164.70$27.30
ZONE 2A5 cu yd81 pickup/wk$239.01N/A$35.85$5.69
ZONE 2A5 cu yd2 pickups/wk$436.98N/A$65.55$11.38
ZONE 2A5 cu yd3 pickups/wk$657.08N/A$98.56$17.06
ZONE 2A5 cu yd4 pickups/wk$884.90N/A$132.74$22.75
ZONE 2A5 cu yd5 pickups/wk$1,118.14N/A$167.72$28.44
ZONE 2A5 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,356.53N/A$203.48$34.13
ZONE 2A6 cu yd1 pickup/wk$282.66N/A$42.40$6.83
ZONE 2A6 cu yd2 pickups/wk$525.65N/A$78.85$13.65
ZONE 2A6 cu yd3 pickups/wk$781.74N/A$117.26$20.48
ZONE 2A6 cu yd4 pickups/wk$1,053.27N/A$157.99$27.30
ZONE 2A6 cu yd5 pickups/wk$1,331.23N/A$199.68$34.13
ZONE 2A6 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,615.16N/A$242.28$40.95
ZONE 2B60 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$29.69N/AN/A
ZONE 2B60 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$59.38N/AN/A
ZONE 2B90 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$44.18N/AN/A
ZONE 2B90 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$59.38N/AN/A
ZONE 2B1 cu yd1 pickup/wk$94.63$138.22$14.19$1.14
ZONE 2B1 cu yd2 pickups/wk$161.50$276.43$24.23$2.28
ZONE 2B1 cu yd3 pickups/wk$241.12N/A$36.17$3.41
ZONE 2B1 cu yd4 pickups/wk$327.23N/A$49.08$4.55
ZONE 2B1 cu yd5 pickups/wk$421.57N/A$63.24$5.69
ZONE 2B1 cu yd6 pickups/wk$526.21N/A$78.93$6.83
ZONE 2B1.5 cu yd81 pickup/wk$105.85$174.05$15.88$1.71
ZONE 2B1.5 cu yd2 pickups/wk$182.43$348.10$27.36$3.41
ZONE 2B1.5 cu yd3 pickups/wk$271.19N/A$40.68$5.12
ZONE 2B1.5 cu yd4 pickups/wk$370.99N/A$55.65$6.83
ZONE 2B1.5 cu yd5 pickups/wk$480.47N/A$72.07$8.53
ZONE 2B1.5 cu yd6 pickups/wk$595.95N/A$89.40$10.24
ZONE 2B2 cu yd1 pickup/wk$117.27$194.53$17.59$2.28
ZONE 2B2 cu yd2 pickups/wk$203.38$389.06$30.51$4.55
ZONE 2B2 cu yd3 pickups/wk$301.18N/A$45.18$6.83
ZONE 2B2 cu yd4 pickups/wk$414.79N/A$62.22$9.10
ZONE 2B2 cu yd5 pickups/wk$539.46N/A$80.92$11.38
ZONE 2B2 cu yd6 pickups/wk$665.69N/A$99.85$13.65
ZONE 2B3 cu yd1 pickup/wk$145.27N/A$21.79$3.41
ZONE 2B3 cu yd2 pickups/wk$254.16N/A$38.13$6.83
ZONE 2B3 cu yd3 pickups/wk$379.14N/A$56.87$10.24
ZONE 2B3 cu yd4 pickups/wk$517.79N/A$77.67$13.65
ZONE 2B3 cu yd5 pickups/wk$658.87N/A$98.83$17.06
ZONE 2B3 cu yd6 pickups/wk$810.93N/A$121.64$20.48
ZONE 2B4 cu yd1 pickup/wk$175.35N/A$26.31$4.55
ZONE 2B4 cu yd2 pickups/wk$309.51N/A$46.43$9.10
ZONE 2B4 cu yd3 pickups/wk$462.38N/A$69.36$13.65
ZONE 2B4 cu yd4 pickups/wk$634.60N/A$95.19$18.20
ZONE 2B4 cu yd5 pickups/wk$810.11N/A$121.52$22.75
ZONE 2B4 cu yd6 pickups/wk$997.53N/A$149.63$27.30
ZONE 2B5 cu yd81 pickup/wk$205.51N/A$30.83$5.69
ZONE 2B5 cu yd2 pickups/wk$365.07N/A$54.76$11.38
ZONE 2B5 cu yd3 pickups/wk$550.96N/A$82.65$17.06
ZONE 2B5 cu yd4 pickups/wk$751.77N/A$112.77$22.75
ZONE 2B5 cu yd5 pickups/wk$964.04N/A$144.60$28.44
ZONE 2B5 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,190.53N/A$178.58$34.13
ZONE 2B6 cu yd1 pickup/wk$235.65N/A$35.35$6.83
ZONE 2B6 cu yd2 pickups/wk$420.48N/A$63.07$13.65
ZONE 2B6 cu yd3 pickups/wk$639.47N/A$95.92$20.48
ZONE 2B6 cu yd4 pickups/wk$868.94N/A$130.34$27.30
ZONE 2B6 cu yd5 pickups/wk$1,117.98N/A$167.70$34.13
ZONE 2B6 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,383.61N/A$207.54$40.95
ZONE 3A60 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$37.28N/AN/A
ZONE 3A60 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$69.54N/AN/A
ZONE 3A60 GAL3 pickups/wkN/A$108.85N/AN/A
ZONE 3A60 GAL4 pickups/wkN/A$146.95N/AN/A
ZONE 3A60 GAL5 pickups/wkN/A$185.15N/AN/A
ZONE 3A60 GAL6 pickups/wkN/A$225.88N/AN/A
ZONE 3A90 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$39.30N/AN/A
ZONE 3A90 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$65.53N/AN/A
ZONE 3A90 GAL3 pickups/wkN/A$83.74N/AN/A
ZONE 3A90 GAL4 pickups/wkN/A$113.29N/AN/A
ZONE 3A90 GAL5 pickups/wkN/A$143.72N/AN/A
ZONE 3A90 GAL6 pickups/wkN/A$247.80N/AN/A
ZONE 3A1 cu yd1 pickup/wk$93.96$131.38$18.79$1.14
ZONE 3A1 cu yd2 pickups/wk$165.33$256.20$33.07$2.28
ZONE 3A1 cu yd3 pickups/wk$244.46$290.49$48.89$3.41
ZONE 3A1 cu yd4 pickups/wk$329.54$389.40$65.91$4.55
ZONE 3A1 cu yd5 pickups/wk$415.92$489.04$83.19$5.69
ZONE 3A1 cu yd6 pickups/wk$505.92$590.81$101.19$6.83
ZONE 3A2 cu yd1 pickup/wk$132.92$176.24$26.59$2.28
ZONE 3A2 cu yd2 pickups/wk$243.86$339.80$48.77$4.55
ZONE 3A2 cu yd3 pickups/wk$335.32$339.49$67.07$6.83
ZONE 3A2 cu yd4 pickups/wk$459.98$458.87$92.00$9.10
ZONE 3A2 cu yd5 pickups/wk$582.18$580.77$116.44$11.38
ZONE 3A2 cu yd6 pickups/wk$709.48$1,006.58$141.89$13.65
ZONE 3A3 cu yd1 pickup/wk$174.00N/A$34.80$3.41
ZONE 3A3 cu yd2 pickups/wk$324.43N/A$64.88$6.83
ZONE 3A3 cu yd3 pickups/wk$436.80N/A$87.36$10.24
ZONE 3A3 cu yd4 pickups/wk$597.53N/A$119.51$13.65
ZONE 3A3 cu yd5 pickups/wk$759.66N/A$151.93$17.06
ZONE 3A3 cu yd6 pickups/wk$923.70N/A$184.75$20.48
ZONE 3A4 cu yd1 pickup/wk$224.04N/A$44.81$4.55
ZONE 3A4 cu yd2 pickups/wk$419.73N/A$83.95$9.10
ZONE 3A4 cu yd3 pickups/wk$566.48N/A$113.29$13.65
ZONE 3A4 cu yd4 pickups/wk$770.01N/A$154.00$18.20
ZONE 3A4 cu yd5 pickups/wk$974.53N/A$194.91$22.75
ZONE 3A4 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,184.16N/A$236.83$27.30
ZONE 3A6 cu yd1 pickup/wk$311.23N/A$62.24$6.83
ZONE 3A6 cu yd2 pickups/wk$585.71N/A$117.15$13.65
ZONE 3A6 cu yd3 pickups/wk$788.24N/A$157.65$20.48
ZONE 3A6 cu yd4 pickups/wk$1,063.13N/A$212.63$27.30
ZONE 3A6 cu yd5 pickups/wk$1,344.75N/A$268.95$34.13
ZONE 3A6 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,633.11N/A$326.63$40.95
ZONE 3B60 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$41.45N/AN/A
ZONE 3B60 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$65.53N/AN/A
ZONE 3B90 GAL51 pickup/wkN/A$55.01N/AN/A
ZONE 3B90 GAL2 pickups/wkN/A$65.53N/AN/A
ZONE 3B1 cu yd1 pickup/wk$93.96$158.69$18.79$1.14
ZONE 3B1 cu yd2 pickups/wk$165.33$317.39$33.07$2.28
ZONE 3B1 cu yd3 pickups/wk$244.46N/A$48.89$3.41
ZONE 3B1 cu yd4 pickups/wk$329.54N/A$65.91$4.55
ZONE 3B1 cu yd5 pickups/wk$415.92N/A$83.19$5.69
ZONE 3B1 cu yd6 pickups/wk$505.92N/A$101.19$6.83
ZONE 3B2 cu yd1 pickup/wk$132.92$225.24$26.59$2.28
ZONE 3B2 cu yd2 pickups/wk$243.86$450.49$48.77$4.55
ZONE 3B2 cu yd3 pickups/wk$335.32N/A$67.07$6.83
ZONE 3B2 cu yd4 pickups/wk$459.98N/A$92.00$9.10
ZONE 3B2 cu yd5 pickups/wk$582.18N/A$116.44$11.38
ZONE 3B2 cu yd6 pickups/wk$709.48N/A$141.89$13.65
ZONE 3B3 cu yd1 pickup/wk$174.00N/A$34.80$3.41
ZONE 3B3 cu yd2 pickups/wk$324.43N/A$64.88$6.83
ZONE 3B3 cu yd3 pickups/wk$436.80N/A$87.36$10.24
ZONE 3B3 cu yd4 pickups/wk$597.53N/A$119.51$13.65
ZONE 3B3 cu yd5 pickups/wk$759.66N/A$151.93$17.06
ZONE 3B3 cu yd6 pickups/wk$923.70N/A$184.75$20.48
ZONE 3B4 cu yd1 pickup/wk$224.04N/A$44.81$4.55
ZONE 3B4 cu yd2 pickups/wk$419.73N/A$83.95$9.10
ZONE 3B4 cu yd3 pickups/wk$566.48N/A$113.29$13.65
ZONE 3B4 cu yd4 pickups/wk$770.01N/A$154.00$18.20
ZONE 3B4 cu yd5 pickups/wk$974.53N/A$194.91$22.75
ZONE 3B4 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,184.16N/A$236.83$27.30
ZONE 3B6 cu yd1 pickup/wk$311.23N/A$62.24$6.83
ZONE 3B6 cu yd2 pickups/wk$585.71N/A$117.15$13.65
ZONE 3B6 cu yd3 pickups/wk$788.24N/A$157.65$20.48
ZONE 3B6 cu yd4 pickups/wk$1,063.13N/A$212.63$27.30
ZONE 3B6 cu yd5 pickups/wk$1,344.75N/A$268.95$34.13
ZONE 3B6 cu yd6 pickups/wk$1,633.11N/A$326.63$40.95


1. Bin service is primarily offered for commercial business customers. Accordingly, any bin service provided to residential customers (including 1, 2, and 3 cy Bins) will be reported as commercial service for reporting purposes only.

2. Beginning September 1, 2023, "green waste" containers will be redesignated as "mixed organic waste" containers. Customers residing in Zones 1, 2A, and 3A will be required to separate their food waste for placement in the mixed organic waste container along with their traditional green waste for collection by their designated Exclusive Service Area Provider (ESAP) hauler. Exhibit A-2 (Organic Waste Acceptable Materials List) outlines which materials can be placed in the green container, and includes: whole fruit and fruit peelings, whole vegetables and vegetable peelings, bread and grain products, pasta and rice products, eggshells and nutshells, meat scraps, dairy products (small quantities only), plant and flower materials, grass and yard trimmings, tree and shrub prunings (excluding large stumps), Christmas Trees cut into two foot sections, untreated wood materials, and other miscellaneous green waste materials.

3. Organic rates effective September 1, 2023, and apply to customers residing in the Zone 1, 2A, and 3A service rate areas as illustrated in the modified Exhibit C-3-2023 found in Amendment No. 3 of the ESAP Agreements. Zones 1, 2A, and 3A boundaries coincide with those census tracts identified as having population densities greater than 75 persons per square mile as determined by the 2020 Census data. Organic waste generators residing in census tracts having densities greater than 75 persons per square mile must comply with SB 1383 Regulations.

4. CalRecycle approved a "Low Population Waiver for Unincorporated Portions of Counties" application submitted by the County of Fresno on March 3, 2022. This waiver applies to all census tracts with a population density of 75 or less persons per square mile on March 3, 2022. Census tracts falling within the Zone 2B and Zone 3B Service Rate Areas meet this criteria, and are therefore exempted from SB 1383 organic waste collection regulations. Commercial businesses generating 2 cubic yards or more of solid waste per week are still subject to complying with AB 1826 Mandatory Organics Recycling (MORe) regulations.

5. Commercial customers who have a need for lower volume organic waste collection service may opt for 60 or 90 gallon organic cart service in combination with the base solid waste and recycling service.

6. In response to the continued volatility of the recyclable material commodity markets, as well as unprecedented inflation in the diesel fuel commodity markets, Amendment 3 calls for a “Supplemental Inflation Mitigation Surcharge (SIMS).” The SIMS is designed as follows:
a. SIMS is calculated on a quarterly basis and consists of two (2) components: a recycling component, and a fuel component.
i. The recycling component is identical in structure to the “Recycling Surcharge” established in Amendment 2 approved by the Board on October 22, 2019. It is computed by factoring in total recyclable material tonnages collected quarterly, less California Redemption Value tonnage; the combined average net market value of the Mixed Paper and Old Corrugated Container recyclable commodity material streams, and ESAP Program hauler quarterly revenue.
ii. The fuel component is computed using the factors of fuel expense as a percentage of rate revenues, portion of the base rate that accounts for fuel, and the quarterly year over year change in the Producer Price Index (PPI) Commodity Data index for “No. 2 Diesel Fuel.” Effective October 1, 2023.
b. The SIMS calls for maximum increases to control the impact to customers. The recycling component shall never exceed 5% of the base service rate, and the fuel component shall never exceed 10% for the Zone 1, 2A, and 2B Service Rate Areas, and 15% for the Zone 3A and 3B Service Rate Areas. It should be noted that Zones 3A and 3B call for a higher maximum due to the territories consisting primarily of moderate to high altitude areas with larger distances traveled, lower route density, and generally steeper terrain, which equates to lower fuel mileage and significantly higher fuel expenses to provide service. The SIMS also calls for a “sunset” of June 30, 2025, which allows the County to revisit the applicability of the SIMS at that time.

7. SER Rate is only applicable to Customers within the SER Territory. To Calculate the SER rate, a hauler will need to add the SER Overlay to the "new rate." SER Overlay rates are not subject to CPI Increases.

8. 1.5 and 5 cubic yard bins are provided at the discretion of the hauler. None of the Zone 3 service rate area haulers have proposed to provide these odd-sized containers, therefore, no rate is proposed in the Zone 3 service rate area.