SB 1383 requires that by 2025 California will recover 20% of edible food that would otherwise be sent to landfills to feed people in need.

62.5 Million Tons. 40% of food produced for consumption in the US ends up in the trash - that is 62.5 million tons of food every year.
1 in 4 Californians don't have enough to eat.
Over 54,000 children are food insecure in Fresno County.
94% of food waste ends up in landfills or incinerators, contributing to 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions.
In landfills, organic materials like food scraps are broken down by bacteria to produce methane, which has a warmin potential 21 times that of carbon dioxide, significantly contributing to global climate change.

You may be eligible for the federal enhanced tax deduction which allows you to deduct the smaller of the following two: (a) twice the basis value of the donated food or (b) the basis value of the donated food plus one-half of the food’s expected profit margin.

**Please contact a tax preparer for questions and guidance

Find a Food Recovery Organization that aligns with your organization—and help feed local families!

Key Food Recovery Organizations
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