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Compost Rebate Program

To encourage the use of compost and to help meet statewide climate action goals, the County of Fresno and 15 jurisdictions are offering a 15% rebate for compost purchases totaling at least 100 tons in the County of Fresno’s calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31), with an annual maximum of $4,000. Compost greatly helps to increase carbon sequestration, water retention, and the population of beneficial microbes in soil. To receive the rebate, please read the terms and conditions below, check the “I agree” box, sign and upload a short agreement consenting to the terms.
Terms and Conditions(Required)
Only purchases made on the same day or after the agreement is signed and approved are eligible for rebate.
  • Agreement shall expire at the end of the calendar year (January 1- December 31) and may be renewed on an annual basis.
  • Rebate is available for purchases totaling at least 100 tons within the calendar year. For example, if you purchase 50 tons of compost twice, the two receipts can be submitted together as they total 100 tons.
  • The total amount of rebate is 15% of the purchase amount and shall be capped at $4,000 within the calendar year for each applicant (“Direct Service Provider" outlined in Agreement).
  • Compost must be spread in Fresno County.
  • Compost must be purchased from an authorized compostable material handling facility (see Agreement details).
  • Compost cannot be purchased until you receive a confirmation email with your signed Agreement attached.
  • Proof of purchase must list the name of compost facility, date of purchase, and quantity (in weight) purchased.
  • A copy of most recent W-9 and 590 required for payment.
  • Rebate may be claimed for the cost of compost only.
  • Compost derivatives (e.g., compost tea, potting mixes, and soil blends) are not eligible.
  • Costs outside of purchase (e.g., transportation and spreading) are not eligible.
Max. file size: 5 MB.

Submit A Claim

Please make sure you have signed and submitted the Compost Rebate Procurement Agreement and received your confirmation email with signed Agreement before purchasing and submitting a claim. Once you receive your confirmation email you can submit your claim.

Please see the Compost Rebate Program Fact Sheet for full details